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S3-E23.1 – NAFLD Patient Advocacy: Meet the Advocates and Hear Their Stories

Leading NAFLD patient advocates Achim Kautz and Andrew Scott discuss how their personal backgrounds (that are quite different) brought them to the place where they work in serving the Fatty Liver community.

The entire Fatty Liver community benefits from NASH Patient Advocacy and the work of our advocates, but relatively few of us understand what advocates do or how we benefit from their work. Leading German patient advocate Achim Kautz and Global Liver Institute Vice President of Policy and Public Affairs Andrew Scott discuss how they came to Fatty Liver patient advocacy, their priorities and activities that support our community, and the unique challenges of their fascinating work.

This conversation introduces you to patient advocates Achim Kautz and Andrew Scott and reveals the vastly different backgrounds they bring to their roles. (Side note: Achim’s “things you wouldn’t know if he didn’t tell you”) is one of our two favorites so far this year.) The differences in their backgrounds are significant, but far more striking is their common passion for elevating Fatty Liver disease priorities in the minds of the government figures with whom they advocate for our community.

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