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S3-E22.3 – Previewing the 5th Global NASH Congress: NASH Drug Development Presentations

Professor Ian Rowe and scientist/entrepreneur Rachel Zayas join the Surfers to preview the 5th Global NASH Congress. This conversation focuses on presentations regarding

The 5th Global NASH Congress will take place in London (in person only) on May 27 and 28. Louise Campbell and scientist/entrepreneur Rachel Zayas, who will cover the Congress for NASH Tsunami, join Ian Rowe and regulars Jörn Schattenberg and Roger Green to discuss some key papers and issues covered there. This conversation starts with Ian Rowe and Jörn Schattenberg sharing their perspectives on how much of the emerging genetics and omics of Fatty Liver disease clinicians need to understand. This transitions into a discussion of the drug development presentations in the meeting and what we stand to learn from these.

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