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S3-E22.2 – Previewing the 5th Global NASH Congress: What can We Learn About Drugs in Development From Hepatic Cell Models and Advanced Omics?

Professor Ian Rowe and scientist/entrepreneur Rachel Zayas join the Surfers to preview the 5th Global NASH Congress. This conversation focuses on presentations that discuss innovative ways to explore drugs in development through precision cut ex vivo hepatic tissue modeling, omics and liquid biopsy.

The 5th Global NASH Congress will take place in London (in person only) on May 27 and 28. Louise Campbell and scientist/entrepreneur Rachel Zayas, who will cover the Congress for NASH Tsunami, join Ian Rowe and regulars Jörn Schattenberg and Roger Green to discuss some key papers and issues covered there. This conversation starts with comments from Jörn Schattenberg and Ian Rowe that focus the group on pre-clinical drug development issues. The group pays particular attention to considering the implications of using precision-cut liver slides and advanced proteomic analytical tools to answer specific questions about how development drugs (monotherapy and combination) will perform in the liver. Rachel Zayas comments on the importance of analyzing cells using a broader, more integrative design rather than simply focusing on the transcriptome and RNA sequencing. The conversation ends with answers to a question posed by Roger Green about how much the typical clinician or leading researchers need to understand about omics.

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