S3-E21.5 – NAFLD Provider education, NASH Patient Care and Digital Health

S3-E21.5 - NAFLD Provider education, NASH Patient Care and Digital Health
This conversation between Donna Cryer, Louise Campbell and Roger Green focuses largely on NASH patient care and digital health issues. Listen to learn why Roger Green believes the liver (and particularly Fatty Liver) might benefit more from digital therapeutics than any other organ system.

This conversation includes part of a more extended discussion that Donna Cryer had with Louise Campbell and Roger Green when she stopped by the virtual SurfingNASH.com studios to discuss her recent work.

This conversation begins with a discussion between Donna Cryer and Louise Campbell, in which Louise discusses the processes and approaches she uses to educate patients. At the same time, she notes that FibroScan, which is key to her approach, is accessible to only one in four residents of the UK. Louise and Donna shift the discussion slightly to discuss the importance of weight loss and how liver tests can support patients in the early stages of significant NASH-related weight loss by showing how even a small weight loss can have an impact on liver health metrics.

At this point, Roger Green attempts to link this conversation stream to the last stage of Louise’s and his conversation the day before with Naim Alkhouri in terms of the value that AI and digital therapeutic applications can bring to Fatty Liver disease. Donna announces her fourth piece of news: that she will be speaking next week at the University of California Health System on the subject of health data and the public good. Donna goes on to say, “as much as my heart is in hepatology, I still love to be connected to this tech space, the digital health space, the air space. I think it’s important to the future of health and and and and all of us.” This leads Roger to observe that the liver may need digital health and AI more than any other organ system, which leads the group to discuss why digital health is so critical for the progress of treating liver health and the importance of tech literacy in elements of the population who are not very tech literate. The conversation ends with this issue.

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