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S3-E21.4 – Donna Cryer Discusses NCQA on NASH Quality and the New GLI “Liver Health is Public Health” campaign

Donna Cryer joins Louise Campbell and Roger Green to share three pieces of news: an NCQA paper on NASH; an American Heart Association paper on the link between NASH and heart disease, and the Global Liver Institute's new "Liver Health is Public Health" campaign.

This conversation includes part of a more extended discussion that Donna Cryer had with Louise Campbell and Roger Green when she stopped by the virtual SurfingNASH.com studios to discuss his recent work.

Donna starts her conversation by saying that she is bringing three pieces of news with her. The first: with support from Novo Nordisk, the National Committee for Quality Assurance has released a white paper titled, “A Rallying Cry: Improving Coordinated Care for People with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis.” The second: the American Heart Association has released a paper discussing the link between NASH and heart disease. The third is the initiation of GLI’s “Liver Health is Public Health” campaign.

This episode focuses on all three of these developments, along with the Barcelona conference next month and the reality that socially underserved elements of the population have suffered more during the pandemic than those who are better off economically. The conversation moves too fast and with too many digressions to capture accurately, but it is a great, brief listen.

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