S3-E21.3 – Digital Health and Behavioral Support apps in Future NASH Therapies

S3-E21.3 - Digital Health and Behavioral Support apps in Future NASH Therapies
Naim Alkhouri joins Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss some of his recent investigator-initiated research projects that focus on future NASH therapies. These include a project evaluating the impact of the behavioral diet app Noom on liver health and a series of others evaluating digital therapeutics and their ability to improve patients' liver health.

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This conversation includes part of a longer discussion that Naim Alkhouri had with Louise Campbell and Roger Green when he stopped by the virtual SurfingNASH.com studios to discuss his recent work.

This conversation winds up focusing on digital health and future therapies, but it starts down a funny path on the way there. Louise Campbell returns to question of CAP scores to note that when she sees someone with a CAP of 2.48 or slightly higher, she can use that score to motivate patients to change their regimens. This leads to agreement between Louise and Naim about using the low CAP score to set a cutoff for the level at which providers should advocate aggressively for lifestyle changes and the higher CAP for medication. Louise suggests that with a strong enough push for patients to improve lifestyle at the lower cutoffs, we might see fewer patients requiring medication.

The rest of the conversation stems from Naim’s report about two other sets of research he is working on, one with the behavioral diet app Noom and the other a series of studies on digital therapeutics. We would have to replicate the transcript to do a summary justice. Suffice it to say that the combination of digital therapeutics, NITs and AI can point the way to a medical future far more powerful and individualized than anything we see today.

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