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S3-E20 – Jörn Schattenberg, Louise and Roger discuss NAFLD and SurfingNASH.com

As Jörn Schattenberg joins the permanent Surfing crew, he sits with Louise Campbell and Roger Green to share his background and focus and to discuss where SurfingNASH.com will take NASH Tsunami in its third full year.

SurfingNASH.com has produced this special, single-interview episode to give listeners a chance to learn about Jörn Schattenberg in a different way as he becomes the permanent Key Opinion Leader on Surfing the NASH Tsunami.

Surfing the NASH Tsunamis seasons start with the calendar year, but our first episode posted on April 15, 2020. As we begin our third year, we wanted to give listeners a chance to get to know Jörn Schattenberg a bit differently than you would just from listening to episodes. Jörn discusses how he decided to become a hepatologist, why Stephen Harrison’s phrase “Greet ’em and Street ’em” has such resonance, the basic science work his laboratory in Maïnz does, and where he sees the podcast fitting into the future of Fatty Liver disease. Louise Campbell and Roger Green ask questions and share viewpoints in this fast-moving conversation.

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