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S3-E2 – NASH-TAG 2022 Day 1 Summary: NASH Combination Therapies, Artificial Intelligence, Basic Science

Key Opinion Leaders Convene to Discuss Their Impressions from the First Day of NASH-TAG 2022.

SurfingNASH is covering each day of NASH-TAG 2022. This episode includes two separate conversations, with Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell, Mazen Noureddin, and Quentin Anstee in the first and Donna Cryer and Scott Friedman in the second. Several common themes emerged in the two conversations, including the idea that the future of NASH therapy lies in combination therapies and how impressive the field’s advances in basic science are.

This episode includes two separate conversations. In the first, the group focuses on some of the specific presentations and topics covered on Friday: the emerging consensus that the future lies in combination therapies, the ways in which NIMBLE and LITMUS data (and differences between them) are instructive, and the dramatic advances in utilization of artificial intelligence. The second conversation includeds more patient perspectives. It will take thousands of words to capture the depth of this episode in adequate detail and even then we couldn’t do it justice.

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