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S3-E19.5 – NAIL-NIT: Expanding Vistas for Phase 1 Research

Naim Alkhouri and Mazen Noureddin discuss the kinds of tools they developed in pursuit of a task Stephen Harrison defines as "making the wheel run smoother."

This conversation starts with Stephen Harrison discussing the scope of current NITs in the context of what NAIL-NIT needs to achieve. “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, ” he says, “only to make it run smoother.” After Naim Alkhouri and Mazen Noureddin discuss the Phase I facilities they are building for future research, the group closes the conversation by focusing on the medical, commercial, financial and patient-centric imperatives that make it so imperative to develop appropriate NIT-based solutions for drug development, diagnosisis and patient management within the next five years.

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