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S3-E19.3 – NAIL-NIT: What Naim Alkhouri & Jörn Schattenberg Plan for Retrospective Analysis

NAIL-NIT Retrospective Analysis co-chairs Naim Alkhouri and Jörn Schattenberg share their general plans and "passionate first projects" for this group.

This conversation starts with Naim Alkhouri and Jörn Schattenberg defining the wealth of data resources and hypotheses they are bringing to their roles as co-leads of retrospective analysis for NAIL-NIT. Mazen Noureddin then asks each of them to describe his “passionate first project.” This leads Naim to discuss drug evaluation principles he finds so counterproductive that they fit into Nassim Taleb’s definition of “IYI” (“Intellectual Yet Idiot”). As the discussion ends, Roger Green ties this issue to the analytical fallacy of quantifying a soft qualitative measure for drug evaluation purposes and Mazen points out that we will need to expand patient evaluation to NIT-only rules in order to recruit enough patients for all the drug trials on the horizon.

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