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S3-E19.1 – Podcast News: SurfingNASH.com Is Here and a New Role for Jörn Schattenberg!

News about a new company to steer Surfing the NASH Tsunami into the future plus new roles for Stephen Harrison and Jörn Schattenberg

This week marks the 2nd anniversary for Surfing the NASH Tsunami! This conversation celebrates our anniversary and brings news about the formation of a new company dedicated to using podcasts and related media to put big dent in Fatty Liver disease and changing roles for co-founder Stephen Harrison and “fifth Beatle” Jörn Schattenberg.

Before you listen, you might want to join us in the “Stephen Harrison Drinking Game.” Get a cup or glass of coffee (hot or iced, as you prefer), feel free to add a non-dairy milk and low-glycemic index sweetener if you need to and write down a “Harrisonism” (a distinctive phrase commonly associated with Stephen). Then listen to this conversation to see whether any of our panelists (Stephen, Jörn, Louise Campbell, Mazen Noureddin, Naim Alkhouri and Roger Green) select the same phrase you did.

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