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S3-E18.4 – Previewing Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022: Day Two Sessions

Learn about the amazingly diverse and exciting program for Day Two of the inaugural Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022 Workshop, with sessions on Comprehensive Care pathways, current and future pharmacotherapies, and what a future integrated treatment roadmap might look like.

This week’s episode and conversations preview the inaugural Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop, premiering in Barcelona on May 6 and 7. Surfing the NASH Tsunami is a Media Partner for this conference. We will be conducting and posting interviews from the conference, co-host Roger Green is moderating a panel there, and Surfing NASH will present a follow-up episode on Wednesday, May 11.

This conversation previews Sessions 4, 5 and 6, which comprise the bulk of the Day Two Agenda. The overall theme of the day is that NASH treatment is integrated and multifactorial. The day starts with Jeff Lazarus discussing Comprehensive Care Models for NASH, the path there and desired endpoints. The rest of Session 4 focuses on two forms of technical support: integrating non-invasive tests for NAFLD into clinical practices outside the liver space and looking at the power of apps to transform the weight management process. Session 5 focuses on pharmacotherapy, including use of current pharmacotherapy in weight loss and diabetes and some of the future agents that will come into use over the next few years. Finally, Session 6, which Roger Green will moderate, pulls together a diverse set of panelists to consider the NAFLD/NASH Roadmap in the context of social media and digital transformations. Listening to this conversation provides a clear sense of how broad the scope of Day Two issues will be.

In the interest of time, this summary does not list the names of the speakers giving each talk. This is an absolutely first-class global faculty. If you are curious, go to the meeting program to learn who these exceptional speakers are.

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