S3-E18.3 – Previewing Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022: SItes of Care and Organizing Patients

S3-E18.3 - Previewing Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022: SItes of Care and Organizing Patients
Did you ever wonder why leaders believe the care continuum necessary to bring the NASH pandemic under control will require so many types of healthcare providers and such a broad effort?

Webinar: https://bit.ly/3x9N69K

This week’s episode and conversations preview the inaugural Innovations in NAFLD Care Workshop, premiering in Barcelona on May 6 and 7. Surfing the NASH Tsunami is a Media Partner for this conference. We will be conducting and posting interviews from the conference, co-host Roger Green is moderating a panel there, and Surfing NASH will present a follow-up episode on Wednesday, May 11.

This conversation focuses largely on Session 3 of the Innovations in NAFLD Care 2022 Workshop and the Patient Organizing Session that starts Day Two.

Session 3 focuses on the role that different types of health professionals will need to play for a successful attack on the coming NASH pandemic. Specifically, it looks at differences between what primary care physicians, nutritionists and bariatricians can achieve. The first two talks are expected to touch on structural issues and well as individual patient care. The bariatrician talk will present study data and devote significant attention to practical uses of endoscopy and non-invasive tests to track and demonstrate progress.

Before the discussion shifts to Day Two, Roger Green asks the co-chairs what they hope listeners will take away from Day One. Answers focus on two related issues: the scale of the NASH pandemic and how much impact health professionals can have for individual patients.

The rest of this conversation revolves around the importance of patient organizations both in motivating and educating individual patients and in driving broader social change around liver health issues.

One of the gaps in diagnosis and treatment is the question that different specialists need guidance to appreciate the roles they can play in the process. This session discusses the role that primary care physicians, nutritionists and bariatricians each can play on diagnosing and treating NAFLD and NASH patients.

The primary care discussion focuses on what is feasible for a primary care physician in a time-constrained environment to achieve in terms of NASH. The nutritionist point of view looks at both individual and structural issues. The individual issue is exactly what it sounds like — wayss to support individual patients during liver workups. The structural issues address food insufficiency and poor dietary choices. The bariatric discussion will focus not only on population studies, but on practical use of different interventions and NITs to be certain that these interventions are having desired effect on the bariatric patient’s liver.

In the interest of time, this summary does not list the names of the speakers giving each talk. This is an absolutely first-class global faculty. If you are curious, go to the meeting program to learn who these exceptional speakers are.

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