S3 E12.4 – What Will Improve NASH Care For Black Americans Most and Fastest

S3 E12.4 - What Will Improve NASH Care For Black Americans Most and Fastest
Throughout this podcast, panelists uncovered a large set of actions that might improve NASH care for those Black Americans who have the disease while suggesting a range of solutions, some more realistic or faster to achieve than others.

In this conversation, each panelist is asked to mention one thing they believe might actually improve within the next year. A few focus on 3-5 year fixes, but most offer a progress steps that can be attainable within the next year if enough of the right people dedicate focus to them.

Suggestions include: looking at epigenetics to determine whether there are non-Hispanic Black American families with genetic markers for disease and how these may be addressed through diet and other lifetsyle issues (Zaki Sherif); organizing a disciplinary group inside NIH to fund a multi-center study on this issue (Donna Cryer); ensuring that NAIL-NIT and other trials that are currently in recruitment phase include a large enough subsample to study this population (Louise Campbell); developing and beginning to implement plans for specific activities that will reduce health inequity (Ani Kardashian); separately, (i) for drug companies to invest in learning the specific issues related to NASH that affect this community and (ii) empowering patients through education and outreach (Yani Adere); and enable Global Liver Institute and other organizations to become “clearinghouse[s]” for good ideas to flourish in efforts that attract groups with common interests and focus to this larger conversation (Roger Green).