S3-E11.3 – NAIL-NIT: Challenges of the NAS Score

S3-E11.3 - NAIL-NIT and the Challenges of the NAS Score
How can data from NAIL-NIT address the challenges of the NAS score and provide more robust data to diagnose and treat individual patients with the optimal therapy?

The conversation looks at how the NAIL-NIT program design improves on the quality of insight provided by the NAS score, both in terms of drug development and treatment of individual patients. Also, note that during this conversation, Mazen Noureddin thanks a relatively large group of individuals and companies supporting this project.

The first section focuses mostly on what we can and cannot learn from a NAS score, and the implications of its shortcomings on the drug development process. After this, Stephen Harrison notes the complex role the liver plays in energy transfer throughout the entire metabolic process. This suggests that the effects of Fatty Liver disease vary among individual patients and, as a result, drug development and patient diagnosis and treatment should provide sufficient insight to optimize each patient’s therapy. As the conversation closes, Mazen Noureddin is responding to a question from Louise Campbell about what we will learn about optimal testing strategy. Mazen suggests there is unlikely to be a single “winning” test but, instead, a combination of NITs probably will be necessary to answer all the questions necessary to optimize therapy.

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