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S3-E10.4 – Value of Screening for NAFLD as NASH Prevalence Grows

As NASH Prevalence grows, how many patients should we be screening for NAFLD and at what age should we start?

Episode 10 dives into recent NAFLD and NASH Prevalence studies in the US, UK and Germany and explores what this can tell us about who to screen for NAFLD and NASH, when to screen first and how often to screen after that.

This wrap-up conversation wrestles with the question who to screen, when to start and how to reckon with the dual challenge that the early effects of Fatty Liver disease are more about metabolism than liver per se and that there are not enough hepatologists to treat everyone with Fatty Livers. The group’s conclusion: we need to test more and earlier, but do not have enough data yet to tell us exactly how to implement this very, very high level statement.

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