S3-E10.3 – Value of Early NASH Diagnosis as NAFLD Prevalence Grows

NASH Diagnosis as NAFLD Prevalence
As NAFLD prevalence grows, what can we learn from US and UK data and clinical experience about the value of early NASH diagnosis and education for Fatty Liver patients?

Episode 10 dives into recent NAFLD and NASH Prevalence studies in the US, UK and Germany and explores what this can tell us about who to screen for NAFLD and NASH, when to screen first and how often to screen after that. This conversation asks what we can learn from trial results and, separately, the clinical experiences of practitioners and patients about the value of early testing and also testing in the context of education vs. medical care.

A brief introduction cannot do this short conversation justice, but the key point is not a surprise: patients who engage in testing based on education are more engaged in results and different kinds of therapy (including lifestyle) than those who go to the doctor, do bloodwork and learn they have a problem.