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S3-E10.2 – What Does the SUNN Study Say About NASH Prevalence?

What can the SUNN Study teach us about NASH and NAFLD prevalence in the US today as well as about patient education?

Episode 10 dives into recent NAFLD and NASH Prevalence studies in the US, UK and Germany and explores what this can tell us about who to screen for NAFLD and NASH, when to screen first and how often to screen after that. This conversation focuses on the paper Screening for undiagnosed NAFLD and NASH: A population-based risk factor assessment using Vibration-Controlled Transient Elastography (VCTE), which was published last November in the refereed journal PLOS ONE.

Lead author Wayne Eskridge describes the study and presents key findings. In this conversation, two of the striking points he raises about the study are: (1) that relatively high percentages of study participants, volunteers with no previous history of liver disease, exhibited different levels of liver fat and even disease; and (2) that many of these were patients in their 40s as compared to the 50s and 60s where we more conventionally think about disease. After the group shared some concepts and numbers, participants agreed that the number of adults exhibiting some level of fatty liver with an accompanying metabolic challenge is 3 in 8.

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