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S3-E10.1 – NAFLD and NASH Prevalence and Advanced Liver Fibrosis in Germany

What Can This Recent Study Tell Us About NAFLD and NASH Prevalence in Germany and How To Monitor For It?

Episode 10 dives into recent NAFLD and NASH Prevalence studies in the US, UK and Germany and explores what this can tell us about who to screen for NAFLD and NASH, when to screen first and how often to screen after that. This conversation focuses on the paper Prevalence and Risk Factors of Advanced Liver Fibrosis in a Population-Based Study in Germany, which was published last Saturday in Hepatology Communications.

Advanced Liver Fibrosis in Germany

Last author Jörn Schattenberg presents results of the paper, after which panelist Ian Rowe and Wayne Eskridge ask the role that FIB-4 played in the study and analysis and Roger Green asks Professor Schattenberg what significance to apply to a Fatty Liver Index >60 in 3/8 of the sample.

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