S2-E9 – Novel Approaches to Drug-Free Treatment of Early Fatty Liver Disease

Donna Cryer joins the Surfers to discuss the importance of identity in lifestyle modification, after which our sponsors from Echosens present LIVErHEALTHY, a program that combines non-invasive testing, technology-enabled behavior support and a food and nutrition element.

This episode is sponsored by Echosens

Market Leading NonInvasive NAFLD-NASH Diagnostics

Echosens, the providers of the FibroScan® family of products, is the market-leading provider of non-invasive tools for liver health assessment at the point of care. Echosens technologies include the VCTE™, CAP™ and FAST™ Score diagnostic tools providing comprehensive capabilities to identify, risk stratify and monitor NAFLD-NASH. As the inventors of liver elastography, Echosens technologies are validated in over 2500 peer-review publications and worldwide clinical practice guidelines.

A FibroScan Model For Every Care Level

The FibroScan® device is available in a variety of models to meet the needs of all levels of care. The FibroScan® Mini is fully portable, battery-powered system to meet the needs of mobile diagnostic services while the FibroScan® Compact combines portability with a high-volume testing user interface. The recently introduced FibroScan Expert provides the hepatology specialty center with expanded capabilities to include spleen stiffness assessment as a marker of portal hypertension

About This Episode

Over the past two weeks, we have discussed the idea that diagnostic development in Fatty Liver Disease are progressing faster than medication.

This episode looks at the issue of non-pharmacologic therapy from two points of view.

First, Donna Cryer joins the Surfers to consider the role identity and self-definition play in the patient’s ability to integrate healthy diet and exercise habits into lifestyle.

After this, our sponsors from Echosens are joined with their collaborators from Chronwell and ModifyHealth to present LIVErHEALTHY, a multifactorial program that combines non-invasive testing, technology-assisted behavioral support, nutritional counseling and delivery of healthy meals.

LIVErHEALTHY will support patients seeking a healthier lifestyle to help them address fatty liver and related metabolic conditions like obesity and diabetes.

Mazen Noureddin joins Donna and Roger to ask questions about this innovative pilot program.

There is much to ponder and learn in this session.