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S2-E9.1— In Drug-Free Treatment of Early Fatty Liver Disease: Identity matters

Donna Cryer and Roger Green lead a conversation of why identity matters for patients trying to resolve fatty liver disease without medication, while Stephen Harrison and Louise Campbell discuss some of their methods for doing so.

This episode is sponsored by Echosens. Echosens is partnering with Chronwell and ModifyHealth to offer LIVErHEALTHY, an integrated program of non-invasive monitoring, technology-supported behavior support, nutritional counseling and delivery of medically-tailored meals.

In this first section, the group discusses ways that patient identify is pivotal in success. Roger Green and Donna Cryer discuss the “Why”, while Stephen Harrison and Louise Campbell rely on their own experiences as healthcare providers to discuss the “how” — methods that work for them. In the end, the key point is that it is not enough for a patient to want to lose weight, de-fat their livers, or simply get their HbA1c levels down. The key is for patients to change the way they look at themselves and the role of health in their lives.

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