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S2-E8.3 – Previewing NASH-TAG 2021: Two intriguing side conversations

This conversation integrates two significant side conversations during the review of the NASH-TAG 2021 agenda, one about creativity and intellectual ferment and the other about what we can learn from COVID-19 about how to motivate patients.

While reviewing the NASH-TAG 2021 agenda, the group digressed several times. This conversation incorporates the two most interesting. In the first, Stephen Harrison discusses how this meeting design drives creativity and intellectual ferment and the other Surfers comment. In the second, Stephen poses a question to Louise Campbell about what patient motivation to take the COVID-19 vaccine can teach us about selling NASH patients on the benefits of weight loss. This conversation exemplifies how the NASH-TAG approach and design fosters innovative thinking and excellent networking…a good motivation to register for virtual NASH-TAG at https://www.nash-tag.org/.

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