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S2-E64 – 2021 NAFLD Year in Review – Part 3

The last half of December marks our annual NAFLD Year-in-Review. Episodes 62-64 each include ~20 minute segments of longer interviews with Stakeholders who have made a dent in Fatty Liver disease in 2021.

In this episode, Louise Campbell and Roger Green are joined by Stephen Harrison, Jeff Lazarus and Andrew Scott. Conversation topics vary widely, with Stephen describing on what he sees as the five key themes in his NAFLD 2021 Year-in-Review, Jeff focusing largely on the public health agenda and Andrew discussing the steps by which patient advocacy is becoming an increasing force in public and private Fatty Liver disease discussions. Each guest is a leader in his topic. Each brings intellect, insight, experience and energy to the topic and this interview. Each is worth a serious listen…

The conversation with Stephen also provides the three weekly episode co-hosts an opportunity to look back on the breakthrough year for Surfing the NASH Tsunami in 2021.

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