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S2-E63.1 – SurfingNASH’s 2021 NAFLD year-in-review Covers Cirrhosis Treatment Strategies Today and NASH Drugs in Development

Manal Abdelmalek joins the Surfers to discuss strategies for treating cirrhotic patients today and how NASH drug development and disease knowledge will improve treatment over time.

This conversation is part of SurfingNASH’s 2021 NAFLD Year-In-Review. Professor Manal Abdelmalek of Duke University joins Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss the use of older drugs to treat cirrhosis patients today and her views on where NASH drug development is heading.

Manal begins by discussing the inherent tension between the research world, which reveals several promising modes of action and drugs in development but are unlikely to yield a first approval less than two years from now, compared to patient treatment, where people living with cirrhosis are looking for help today. Her talk focuses on the value of stabilization as a goal for cirrhotic patients being treated today and in part on the advances in basic disease knowledge and specific drug and diagnostic development will empower HCPs to prescribe the exact drug therapy that is right for the individual patient.

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