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S2-E61.3 – Can Weight Loss From GLP-1s or Double/Triple Agonists Emulate the Effects of Bariatric Surgery in SPLENDOR?

We discuss how weight loss and GLP-1s or Double/Triple Agonists in relation to SPLENDOR.

A question from Ali Aminian leads the group to ponder whether cirrhosis can truly be regressed. The consensus is that many good things can happen (for example, fibrosis can be regressed) but that platelet levels never rebound.

From there, the panel considers the likely effect of the later-generation GLP-1s like semaglutide or tirzepatide, which report 10-15% overall weight loss, on MACE and MALO, as well as the in-development double and triple-agonists that report weight loss >20% in early studies.

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