S2-E61.2 – What Does SPLENDOR Tell Us About the Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Cardiovascular and Liver Events?

SPLENDOR, Bariatric Surgery
SPLENDOR lead author Ali Amirian Shares Novel Insights About the Impact of Bariatric Surgery on MACE and MALO

The Surfers, joined by SPLENDOR lead author Ali Aminian, broaden their discussion into considering MACE and MALO patients into clinical trials.

After Roger Green notes that the percentage reductions in MACE (7.2%) and MALO (7.3%) were virtually identical, the group returns to explore the question of including co-morbid metabolic patients in clinical trials. To spur the discussion forward, Ali shares some additional insights on differences in how the bariatric surgery group performed in SPLENDOR vs. the group that did not receive surgery.

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