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S2-E60 – Explore Major Events and Issues for NAFLD and NASH At Our NASH-TAG 2022 Preview

The Surfers and guest Jörn Schattenberg review NASH-TAG 2022, a unique event and the first meeting on the 2022 NAFLD and NASH calendar.

NASH-TAG 2022 Co-chair Stephen Harrison and Steering Committee Member Jörn Schattenberg review the upcoming conference, focusing on major issues in NAFLD and NASH diagnosis, staging, treatment and monitoring.Please don’t use the same starting text in the Summary. 2 Sentences worded for SEO.

NASH-TAG 2022 faculty, format and schedule suggest that this conference will produce breakthroughs in knowledge and consensus about NAFLD therapy. This week, NASH-TAG 2022 Steering Committee member Jörn Schattenberg joins the Surfers to discuss key presentations and critical issues in the conference. NASH-TAG co-chair Stephen Harrison walks the panel and audience through the entire NASH-TAG agenda, with Jörn, Louise Campbell and Roger Green contributing questions and comments throughout the session.More additional info about this episode?

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