S2-E60.3 – Previewing NASH-TAG 2022 Sessions 7-9 – Focus On Non-invasive Testing and Novel Targets

Non-invasive testing
Learn about the non-invasive sessions, including fireside chats, and discussion of novel targets at NASH-TAG 2022

NASH-TAG 2022 takes place in Deer Valley Utah and online from January 7-8, 2022. Join Surfing NASH to learn about the last three sessions of the meeting, which include multi-stakeholder “fireside chats” about how to make progress in non-invasive testing for non-cirrhotic NASH and NASH cirrhosis.

Co-chair Stephen Harrison leads the panel through key sessions from NASH-TAG. This conversation starts with a review of Session 7, which features presentations on PNPLA3 and HSD17B13 knockdowns and a range of novel targets. The discussion proceeds to Session 8, which includes presentations on several key basic science topics ranging from transcriptomics to integrin. Finally, Stephen leads the group through a discussion of the two fireside chats, where collections of governmental, commercial, and academic stakeholders discuss how to make progress in using novel tests for products designed to treat patients with non-cirrhotic NASH and, separately, NASH cirrhosis.

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