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S2-E60.1 – Previewing NASH-TAG 2022 Sessions 1-3: Focus on Drug Development

Learn about the drug development content at NASH-TAG 2022

NASH-TAG 2022 takes place in Deer Valley Utah and on-line from January 7-8, 2022. Join Surfing NASH to learn about the important and innovative drug development and basic science talks in the meeting.

Co-chair Stephen Harrison leads the panel through each of the sessions during the conference’s first morning. The session starts with Michael Charlton’s annual “Year in Review” talk, includes discussions on an array of drug classes and ends with a session on the biologic basis of NASH progression. He pauses at the end of his review of each session, thus leaving Steering Committee member Jörn Schattenberg and Surfers Louise Campbell and Roger Green to comment on favorite presentations, ask questions and place this information in the context of what we are learning elsewhere about Fatty Liver disease and the drugs that are being developed to treat it.

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