S2 E6.3 – #RealTalk: Trial Recruiting Challenges: Traps to Avoid in Designing Patient Protocols for NASH Trials

S2 E6.3 - #RealTalk: Trial Recruiting Challenges -- Traps to Avoid in designing patient protocols for NASH Trials
Three experience NASH trial site execs identify at least 11 specific things to consider when designing your trial protocols

Stephen Harrison challenges colleagues Naim Alkhouri and Rashmee Patil to identify a “Top Ten” of criteria to consider/pressure test in designing protocols…and they come up with at least 11! In the end, Naim Alkhouri advocates for sponsors talking to trial sites, not simply CROs, during the design phase. Rashmee Patil highlights the importance of education patients and Stephen Harrison returns to the idea of designing trials that are “Good, not great”. There is a wealth of information to unpack and absorb here.

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