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S2-E59.2 – Key Issues For the NAFLD Global Public Health Agenda: Prevalence and Cost Data

Lead author Jeffrey Lazarus and co-author Jörn Schattenberg join Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss the groundbreaking paper "Advancing the Global Health Agenda for NAFLD."

This conversation centers largely on the issues of prevalence and cost data and the challenges of explaining the impact of NAFLD to non-stakeholders before Jeff ends with a remarkable anecdote.

This conversation kicks off with Stephen discussing the need for robust prevalence data. Jeff agrees but notes that past data in HIV and Hepatitis C have led to challenges and overconfidence after initial estimates were proven high. That said, Jeff notes that prevalence data will be key to accurately estimate the cost of what will be an extremely expensive disease in every world market. Louise amplifies Jeff’s point on cost and Roger discusses the idea that NAFLD/NASH are different diseases at different fibrosis stages. Finally, Jeff tells a story about how all the Nature Reviews disease-specific journals coalesced around these recommendations in record time.

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