S2-E59.1 – How the Global Health Agenda for NAFLD Was Developed

NAFLD and Global Health Agenda
Lead author Jeffrey Lazarus and co-author Jörn Schattenberg join Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss the groundbreaking paper "Advancing the Global Health Agenda for NAFLD." In this conversation, Jeff discusses how the study was executed, Jörn describes his role and Stephen Harrison comments from a physician's perspective.

This conversation focuses on study methodology, what it felt like to participate, and the NAFLD Global Health Agenda from a physician’s point of view.

In this conversation, Jeff describes the rigorous and ambitious process for conducting the study and analyzing results, Jörn describes what it meant to him to be part of the process, and Stephen Harrison takes a physician’s perspective, noting how valuable this paper is and discussing how the way medical practice is structured in the US will make its implementation more challenging here.

Jeff also discusses some key findings and lessons, including the low level of preparedness across the globe to deal with the coming increase in cirrhosis cases and the World Health Organization’s failure to recognize liver disease in some pivotal publications, while Stephen focuses on how patient practice visits are structured to achieve HEDIS scores but not necessarily help patients fully.

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