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S2-E56 – Day Four at the 2021 TLMdX From AASLD

Drs. Michael Charlton and Mazen Noureddin and Global Liver Institute Director of Global NASH Programs Jeff McIntyre join Dr. Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to review some of the most important and exciting presentations from the final two days of the 2021 TLMdX, the annual meeting of AASLD

This past weekend, thousands of Liver Community stakeholders from around the world convened virtually for the 2021 TLMdX, the annual AASLD meeting. SurfingNASH invited a stellar line-up of Key Opinion Leaders and patient advocates to join us in discussing the meeting’s major presentations and themes.

Each panelist chose 1-2 presentations or posters from the 2021 TLMdX from AASLD that they thought conveyed a major topic or question in the meeting. The group discussed each paper, sometimes moving far afield the original topic. As usual with SurfingNASH, conversations were interspersed with challenging insights and comments, debate, and laugher. More additional info about this episode?

4:37 – Introducing tonight’s panelists
18:57 – Michael Charlton and Mazen Noureddin kick off reconsideration of “Efficacy and Safety of Pegbelfermin in Patient with NASH and Stage 3 Fibrosis: Results from the Phase 2b FALCON 1 study” (Late Breaker 1.) Group discussion ensues throughout this section
36:28 – Mazen discusses “PROXYMO Demonstrates Safety and Efficacy of Cotadutide, a novel Incretin Co-Agonist in Biopsy-Proven Non-Cirrhotic NASH with Fibrosis” (Late-Breaker 1)
42:11 – Group discussion
49:43 – Stephen Harrison discusses “Vonafexor, an FXR Agonist, Induced Hepatic and Renal Improvement in the Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled LIVIFY NASH Trial” (Late-Breaker 1)
56:43 – Group discussion
1:04:20 – Louise Campbell discusses Impact of Modest Weight Reduction on Serum Markers, Liver Histology and Disease Progression in Patients with Advanced Fibrosis Due To Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)” (Parallel 29)
1:10:19 – Group Discussion
1:16:20 – Louise Summarizes “The Fibrosis-4 Index and Severe Liver Disease Outcomes in Primary Care: a Stratified Cox Analysis” (Parallel 29)
1:21:36 – Group discussion
1:23:06 – Michael discusses “ARO-HSD, an Investigational RNAi Therapeutic, Demonstrates Reduction in ALT and Hepatic HSD17B13 mRNA and Protein in Patients With NASH or Suspected NASH” (LP11)
1:27:30 – Group Discussion
1:29:04 – Jeff McIntyre discusses “Lifestyle Management of NAFLD with Obesity” (Emerging Trends Symposium, “Tailoring NASH Therapy”
1:40:17 – Group discussion
1:47:16 – Final question: “What’s the one thing that you hope that the part of the community that you touch most directly is going to take out of this meeting?”

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