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S2-E54 — Go Inside a Pivotal Event: The NASH Patient-Focused Drug Development Meeting

Global Liver Institute Founder, President, and CEO Donna Cryer and her fellow patient and patient advocate Terri Milton join Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell, and Roger Green to review the ground-breaking NASH Patient-Focused Drug Development meeting held on November 4, 2021.

This patient-focused drug development meeting could be viewed as the culmination of seven years of effort by Global Liver Institute to encourage regulators and other stakeholders to think differently about NASH. In this episode, one post-transplant patient (Donna) and another patient living with disease while awaiting a transplant (Terri) share the comments and perspectives they brought to the November 4 patient-focused drug development meeting, while Stephen, Louise, and Roger share their own points of view, which vary somewhat from the patients and each other. This is less scientific than the typical SurfingNASH session but far more important in reminding all of us who we are here to help and what their goals for therapy are.

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