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S2-E53.3 – AASLD 2021 Preview: NASH Patient Management Topics Range From Drugs In Development To Applied Day-to-Day Issues

In the third conversation from SurfingNASH's AASLD 2021 preview, Manal Abdelmalek, Ken Cusi and Jörn Schattenberg join Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss a range of issues in the latter days of the conference, all loosely related to NASH Patient Management.

In this third conversation about AASLD 2021, Jörn starts by identifying some of the important presentations on clinical trials of novel therapies. From here, the group focuses on other Sunday and Monday presentations, some with a basic science focus and others that are more patient-oriented. In the end, the group answers Roger’s final question, “If there’s one impression that you expect, you might walk away from this meeting with, or an area where you really feel particularly enriched, what would that be?” Not surprisingly, the diversity of opinions and perspectives of the panelists is reflected in their final answers.

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