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S2-E53.2 – AASLD 2021 Preview: A Weekend of Broad NASH Disease/Drug Management Coverage

In the second conversation from SurfingNASH's AASLD 2021 preview, Manal Abdelmalek, Ken Cusi and Jörn Schattenberg join Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss the breadth of NASH Drug/Disease Management on the weekend agenda.

Louise starts this conversation by pointing out Saturday sessions she believes will be important to understanding Fatty Liver care delivery, including sessions addressing women’s health, health service, and public health. From there, Ken leads into a discussion of Saturday’s post-graduate course and Manal Abdelmalek opens a discussion on Sunday’s Presidential Plenary session. She and Jörn note the importance of the presentation that explores the longitudinal association between MRE and various outcomes, focusing specifically on the importance of deriving cardiovascular outcomes. Jörn and Roger comment on specific issues around the design of the Aldafermin (formerly NGM282) ALPINE 2/3 trial and the implications of clinical vs. commercial failure. As the conversation ends, Manal and Ken identify other science-driven sessions.

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