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S2-E53.1 – AASLD 2021 Preview: Presentations on Basic NASH Science

In the first conversation from SurfingNASH's AASLD 2021 preview, Manal Abdelmalek, Ken Cusi and Jörn Schattenberg join Louise Campbell and Roger Green to focus on some of the basic NASH Science presentations during the first two days of the meeting.

After some preliminary comments from Roger and others about Saturday’s day-long post-graduate course in NAFLD and NASH, Manal kicks this session into high gear by highlighting the Hans Popper Basic Science State-of-the-Art lecture, with its focus on single-cell genomics and its ability to transform our understanding of disease pathogenesis. As Manal points out, this becomes tremendously important because drug trials so far have achieved success in half of the patients or less…and we do now know exactly why a drug will work in some patients and not others. The group proceeds to discuss other sessions with some ability to shape NASH science around the diagnosis, staging, or management of NASH patients.

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