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S2-E50.3 – “Dare to Dream” – How New Imaging Methods Can Change Our Future

Antaros Medical's Chief Scientific Officer Lars Johansson joins Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell, and Roger Green to reprise the key points of his recent Paris NASH talk. In this section, panel members speculate on the largest, most important conceptual changes that the new imaging approaches can drive in disease knowledge and research.

This session begins with Lars discussing the value of 3-D MRI, a technique he discussed in Paris, as well as work he did not mention in Paris that looks at spleen volume. The conversation ends with each panelist answering two questions from Roger. First, he asks the panelists to “Dare to Dream” the one most significant advance each one hopes will ensue from these imaging advances. After this, he asks two final wrap-up questions. To Lars, he asks the most important messages listeners should take from this episode. To the others, he asks the most “mind-blowing” thing they heard.

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