S2-E50.1 – “Potential Game Changer” – Imaging Can Provide a Dynamic View of NASH Evolution

S2-E50.1 - "Potential Game Changer" - Imaging Can Provide a Dynamic View of NASH Evolution
Antaros Medical's Chief Scientific Officer Lars Johansson joins Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell, and Roger Green to reprise the key points of his recent Paris NASH talk. In this conversation, Lars and Stephen discuss the value of assessing the balance of fibrogenesis and fibrosis in healthy and unhealthy livers.

Introducing our guest surfer, Stephen Harrison describes Lars Johansson’s Paris NASH talk as “remarkable and intriguing.” Lars begins his comments by discussing the use of PET tracers to target fibrosis through Collagen Type I cells as well as hepatic stellate cell activation through PDGFR beta. He and Stephen go on to discuss two critical ways the resulting insights can change drug development: first by identifying the correct circulating blood biomarkers to include in different trials or pieces of research, and second by optimizing combination therapies based on the specific effects each agent has on the fibrosis and fibrogenesis processes. On the latter issue, Stephen suggests this approach might have benefit not only in NASH but also a broader range of metabolic diseases Lars concurs.