S2 E5.5 – Bonus Interview with Suneil Hosmane: What FDA webcast means for “Wet” Diagnostics

NEW CONTENT: Suneil Hosmane joins Roger Green to discuss why he found the FDA Webcast so encouraging for liquid biomarkers

BONUS INTERVIEW: GenFit Global Head of Diagnostics Suneil Hosmane joined Roger Green for a post-FDA Webcast interview. Suneil expressed general optimism about the Webcast. Like the Surfers, he appreciated the agency’s request for data to begin answering pivotal questions about diagnostics and proof of benefit. Unlike the Surfers he extended the conversation toward what he sees as an extremely promising path for current and future biomarkers to drive faster and more prognostic patient assessment, targeting and care. He presents a very exciting view of how patient treatment might improve over the next few years even without new medicines. A short but stimulating conversation…

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