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S2-E49.3 – Clinical Care Pathway: What Can Be Done Today?

Last author and leading endocrinology Fatty Liver Opinion Leader Ken Cusi joins co-author Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss the recent Clinical Care Pathway published in Gastroenterology. This conversation answers the question "What Can Be Done Today?" in terms of screening and patient management without approved drugs.
The paper “Clinical Care Pathway for the Risk Stratification and Management of Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease” is a clarion call to action, but what exactly should clinicians do? This conversation addresses that issue. Louise Campbell starts by stating that the World Health Organization should incorporate Fatty Liver disease into their diabetes initiative. Next, she leads the group into a discussion of the merits of transient elastography, which leads Ken Cusi and Stephen Harrison to discuss blood-based and imaging options clinicians can deploy when they lack access to a FibroScan or similar device. Finally, Roger asks the most important step stakeholders should take now, which provide an array of different actions.
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