S2-E49.1 – Clinical Care Pathway: How It Came To Be

S2-E49.1 - Clinical Care Pathway - How It Came To Be
Last author and leading endocrinology Fatty Liver Opinion Leader Ken Cusi joins co-author Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss the recent Clinical Care Pathway published in Gastroenterology. This conversation centers on how the working group came to be and how they developed this pivotal paper.
The path to publishing “Clinical Care Pathway for the Risk Stratification and Management of Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease” had its challenge, both in terms of forming the working group and then working through the key issues and questions for the paper. In this conversation, last author Ken Cusi addresses the first point and co-author Stephen Harrison addresses the second one. Between the two, Louise Campbell comments on how important this paper is to the future of Fatty Liver diagnosis and treatment.

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