S2-E48.3 – Looking From a Patient-Based Perspective

Looking From a Patient-Based Perspective
Mazen Noureddin joins Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to close our series of "Biggest Stories of NASH Summer." In this conversation, Louise Campbell raises two very different points about the earlier conversation.

Louise’s first point has to do with steps taken to maintain compliance with clinical trials and whether researchers can analyze these in a way that will help front-line treaters understand what are keys to patient pharmaco-adherence. This leads to a conversation about why trials are managed the way they are and what it is reasonable to expect from front-line practices. Louise’s second point asks us all to envision the biopsy the patient provides as a “gift” and to consider how we might treat samples differently if we viewed them that way. The conversation circles back to Stephen’s multiple sample slide idea, with Stephen and Mazen discussing what the impact of this approach might be in terms of screen fail rate and placebo response. Finally, Stephen makes predictions for the Ole Miss – Alabama football game, which will have occurred by the time you listen.