S2-E48.2 – More on FGF-21s and A Topical “Hijacking”

Mazen Noureddin joins Stephen Harrison, Louise Campbell and Roger Green to close our series of "Biggest Stories of NASH Summer." In this conversation, Stephen Harrison starts by discussing some issues and insights around the use of FGF-21s and then "hijacks" the conversation to explore a standard practice in histopathology that he would like to change.

This conversation starts with Stephen talking about the differences between FGF-21s and discussing why these results are so compelling. He asks Mazen to comment on how he expects to use FGF-21s in practice and Mazen provides a thoughtful, nuanced reply.

At this point, Stephen shifts gears to ask why we do not produce more slides from a given liver sample. He and Mazen agree that they have wondered about this for a while and believe it would strengthen results. Speaking from more of a straight statistical perspective, Roger Green agrees.

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