S2-E47.3 – Most Important Story of Summer? Manal Abdelmalek Says, “NIH Funding Liver Cirrhosis Network”

s2-e47-3-NIH Funding Liver Cirrhosis-Network
Professor Manal Abdelmalek joins Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss the important Fatty Liver stories of the last few months. She focuses on NIH's recent decision to stand up and fund the Liver Cirrhosis Network.

To Dr Abdelmalek, the NIH action signifies increased focus on the significant long-term consequences of Fatty Liver disease. She discusses a Q&A at a talk she gave this summer where a physician noted that drug development is exciting but three years in the future and asked, “What can I do for my patients NOW?” She cites a recent small, early-stage study that suggested a single dose of metformin might have an impact on portal pressure and goes on to suggest that statins and beta blockers might also have a role to play in treating compensated cirrhosis patients. Louise Campbell contributes a strategy for evaluating patients taking these older drugs using FibroScan and blood-based tests. This is an innovative way to look at providing immediate benefit for patients who need it most urgently.

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