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S2-E47.2 – Most Important Story of Summer? Michelle Long Says: “Harrison/Alkhouri Prevalence Paper”

Professor and epidemiologist Dr. Michelle Long joins Louise Campbell and Roger Green to discuss the important Fatty Liver stories of the last few months. She focuses on the recent paper on prevalence of NAFLD and NASH in an unselected middle-aged population.

To Dr. Long, an epidemiologist, there has been very little high quality perspective research on NAFLD/NASH prevalence. She discusses why she considers the study a methodological advantage. She and Roger Green agree that the conventional wisdom, which posits a 25% incidence of NAFLD and that 25% of NAFLD patients have NASH, is probably far too low. Instead, they note, a more realistic NAFLD estimate might be 37% NAFLD and a more realistic NASH estimate might be 14%. This suggests a far greater need to screen quickly and aggressively across most patient segments. At that point, Louise Campbell joins the conversation to suggest a strategy to screen faster and more efficiently. All things considered, this conversation increases the salience of diagnosing and treating Fatty Liver disease and some ways to find patients.

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