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S2-E46 – Highlights from Paris NASH

Jörn Schattenberg joins Stephen Harrison and Roger Green to review some highlights from last week's Paris NASH meeting, an event with exciting scientific messages and insights.

If you missed last week’s Paris NASH meeting, you missed some exciting presentations featuring fresh, pivotal insights about Fatty Liver diseases and some new approaches to learning about this disease. Jörn Schattenberg and Stephen Harrison combine to provide a robust synopsis of the meeting while Roger Green asks a few questions and keeps the discussion in-bounds:

10:20 – Jörn introduces Paris NASH and discusses some of its basics, followed by introduction of Session 1: Epidemiology and the Public Response

14:07 – Stephen discusses potential for integrating home healthcare visits into clinical trials

17:15 – Session 2: Clinical Aspects

17:52 – “NASH does come in different flavors.” Are we thinking about NASH with sufficient granularity?

20:32 – NASH pathogenesis and its link to other metabolic diseases

21:32 – Session 3: Deep dive into fibrosis

24:30 – Talk on “Innovations in imaging assessment in fibrosis” raises pivotal questions about advances we can make in cellular-level understanding

26:57 – Talk from Scott Friedman on “Common mechanisms, molecular evolution and resolution of fibrosis in NASH” yields several key ideas

28:45 – The importance of understanding stellate cell subtypes

33:37 – Jörn and Stephen select some key moments from Day Two

35:45 – Innovations in clinical trial bring researchers to consider competing risks and challenges in determining causes of mortality in NASH trials

40:26 – Session 8, “Global NASH,” describes the size and scale of the NASH challenge around the world

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