S2-E46.1 – Top stories from Paris NASH: Epidemiology and Clinical Aspects

S2-E46.1 - Top stories from Paris NASH -- Epidemiology and Clinical Aspects
Jörn Schattenberg joins Stephen Harrison and Roger Green to review some highlights from last week's Paris NASH meeeting. This conversation looks at sessions covering epidemiology, public response and clinical questions.

Paris NASH is a meeting for basic science and interdisciplinary thinking. As Jörn Schattenberg reviews the first two sessions of the meeting, he covers both these territories. The first session started with Professor Jeffrey Lazarus discussing some of the same issues he covered as our guest on S2 E40 of SurfingNASH. The other presentations in the first session covered economic theory and automated care models, which led Stephen Harrison to share his own thoughts on the importance of building an integrated model for clinical trials. The second session of Paris NASH discussed clinical aspects of disease. Jörn focused on a paper discussing how NASH itself varies among different patient phenotypes and what that could imply in terms of diagnostics, patient treatment and drug development.