S2-E45 – Ask the Advocates: The Biggest NAFLD/NASH Story of the Summer

Ask the Advocates: The Biggest NAFLD/NASH Story of the Summer
Louise Campbell and Roger Green interview patients/patient advocates Donna Cryer, Wayne Eskridge and Anthony Villiotti about what each considers the biggest NAFLD story of the summer.

The Biggest NAFLD/NASH story of the summer? Each had different ideas. To NASH kNOWledge President and Founder Anthony J Villiotti, the biggest story combined two recent publications that cross-validated the ideas that NAFLD and NASH incidence in the US maybe be 50% higher than is conventionally estimated…and that less than 10% of people with disease know about their conditions. To Fatty Liver Foundation President Wayne Eskridge, the FDA’s appoval of Siemens’ ELF test signalled both a breakthrough and a promise for non-invasive testing. Finally, Global Liver Institute Founder and CEO Donna Cryer considered the overall movement toward her goal of “beyond the biopsy” the story and the various data points, ranging from the new EASL guidelines to a lessened need for transplant hepatologists in training to perform as many biopsies during their training, as proof of the larger issue. In different ways, each conversation focused on the need to improve and expand patient and professional education. Still, this was a “the glass is half full” kind of conversation. Enjoy it:

3:31 – Conversation with Anthony Villiotti, President of NASH kNOWledge, begins
4:01 – Anthony introduces his two feature articles on prevalence and low levels of patient awareness
6:07 – Roger notes parallels between the two papers in terms of incidence estimates, and also in that very few patients were aware of NASH
8:18 – Three challenges implicit in these study results
10:23 – Louise praises NASH kNOWledge for their commitment to educating children about their livers
13:18 – It does not require much time or effort to stimulate a school child physically while at school
14:42 — Engaged liver supporters can build momentum wherever they are
17:59 – Wrap-up question: What might change?
21:58 – The Three Legs on the Stool of Treatment Urgency

25:48 – Wayne Eskridge begins by discussing his elation at the recent ELF approval.
28:02 – Will new NITs improve the HCP’s desire to diagnose?
30:21 – With this approval and the MRE KPA predictive analytics, are we starting to develop an integrated approach to cirrhosis diagnostics?
33:13 – NITs matter more once we commit to look for simple steatosis
34:38 – Cirrhosis, NASH and the patient journey
36:31 – Patient journey and the start of feeling better
40:08 – Implications of some NITs having noticeable levels of false positive tests.
47:41 – In private health systems, is the patient the actual boss?

48:25 – Donna Cryer begins
49:08 – Donna’s lead story? The EASL Guidelines on non-invasive testing
51:54 – The sequence of new technology product adoption
54:05 – Recommendation on how to use NITs
55:30 – The importance of internal data management, as the press person spoke with Elana
57:54 – FDA is beginning to acknowledge how well children respond to Santa.