S2-E45.3 – Discussing the EASL Guidelines and the Path to A Non-Invasive Testing Future with Donna Cryer

Global Liver Institute President and CEO Donna Cryer joins Roger Green to discuss why recent EASL guidelines around use of non-invasive tests (NITs) in Fatty Liver diagnosis and disease tracking is such an important step for patients and treaters alike.

To Global Liver Institute President and CEO Donna Cryer, the recent EASL Guidelines on use of non-invasive testing (NITs) represent a major breakthrough in GLI’s ongoing “Beyond the Biopsy” campaign. In this one-on-one interview with Roger Green, Donna discusses the rigorous, multidimensional approach that GLI has taken to championing NITs in drug development and patient treatment. The conversation eventually pivots to a discussion of the benefits, drawbacks and challenges associated with gaining a cirrhosis indication for drugs in development.